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Real Deal Has A Roundtable Discussion & Party At Vizcayne

We like parties. Invite us to yours!

Photos by Sean McCaughan

The Event: A roundtable discussion about Miami's real estate market presented by that real estate trade journal, The Real Deal, followed by a cocktail party and the debut of Vizcayne's International Showcase units (basically units decorated like different countries in the Americas, to help foreign buyers feel at home).
The Venue: Vizcayne, one of the giants of Miami's constellation of condo towers. We lost count of how many pools that place has.
In The House: Seemingly every realtor in the tri-county area. The place was packed.
The Dress Code: Dressy business attire, perfectly accessorized.
The Menu: A giant pan of Paella, make-your-own mini burgers, and some good churrasco.
The Entertainment: The Miami Dolphins' DJ kept the music lively while occasionally saying awkward phrases like "Yo, yo, Real Deal in the house". Umm, yeah homes.
What We Saw From The Amenity Deck: LED lights turned off at the Intercontinental Hotel. Maybe the embarrassment of the lusty LED lady dancing was a bit too much to handle.

It was a surprisingly swinging party for a publication not usually known for its cocktail-downing ways. Alexander Britell, Real Deal's Miami guy, was the man of the evening, while Curbed just walked around and enjoying the fruits of his corporate sponsor's labors. The audience was packed to the rafters with coiffed and plumaged realtors scoping out the competition and pretending they are all masters of the universe. But the savior of the evening was the real master of Miami's real estate universe, Alicia Cervera Lamadrid. Whenever the discussion up on the dais threatened to get as dry as some of the audiences' bunions, Alicia would manage to say something absolutely profound.
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244 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida