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'Get It Done' Said The Donald About A Homestead Studio City

Environmental concerns, deed restrictions, long term leases, land set aside for parks, and the nearby Homestead Air Reserve Base be damned, Donald Trump wants his massive film studio in Homestead to be built after all. The Donald - who apparently was flummoxed when he heard one of his minions told the press they were no longer interested in the project - has even given it the new name Trump World Studios and said, and we quote, "Get it done!"

As for endangered species on the land, the Trump organization has dealt with that kind of thing before, a Trump rep says. In New Jersey, they set aside 200 acres of a 500 acre development for the endangered bobolink, which has since had a strong comeback. The county could hand over the 200 acres set aside for park land (that isn't actually a park yet) as long as it goes to a referendum, and the Air Reserve Base... well, they haven't figured that one out yet. The base commander - a certain Col. Donald Lindberg - has said the studio could impose "several significant encroachment and compatibility issues." Meanwhile, the Dump Trump campaign is growing fast.
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