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Is Alex Vadia Building A New Midtown Next To The "Old" One?

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Developer Alex Vadia, who picked up half of Midtown Miami for a song last year (a $60 million song, but still a good deal for 22 acres), and just announced the revival of two stalled Midtown towers, has been on a land buying spree just across the railroad tracks from Midtown. With his latest purchases according to exMiami of 2900 and 2920 NE 2nd Ave. and the 6 acre former Chiquita Banana facility that came with the original Midtown deal ("I'm Chiquita Banana and I've come to say, bananas have to ripen a certain way") he now owns a very large block of land from 29th to 32nd, between the tracks and NE 2nd Avenue. Oh, and demolition action has already started. So, what's going there? The Curbed Miami prediction: Midtown East, or a Chiquita Banana theme park. Whatever.

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Midtown East

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