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This Is The Last Week To Submit Your Rental Horror Stories

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Curbed Renters Week is next week, wherein we'll spend five fun-packed days dishing the dirt on rent, rentals, and all that jazz. Most lucratively for you, we're also soliciting Rental Horror Stories starting now, wherein you, dear reader, send us your craziest, most disturbing, and scariest rental horror stories to be voted on locally, and then again nationally over on our big sister site Curbed National.

The national winner will receive one month's worth of rent. (up to $2,500 a month. We're not made of money, although you may be) And if you're no longer paying rent, we'll give it to the winner in cold, hard cash. The tipline is now open, so send your stuff immediately, and hopefully the money will make up for the horror-fest you had to go through to win it.