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Lenny Kravitz Wire

Elle Decor has a tour of the new Lenny Kravitz-designed interiors at Paramount Bay, in which he forsakes is signature "Bordello Modern" style for a lighter, airier, and all-together more livable look. Paramount Bay itself has had quite the saga in its short life so far. First, it was designed to wrap around the house from There's Something About Mary. Then, a construction crane finds its way straight through the house's roof, completely destroying it. (and it didn't even need a hurricane) Paramount Bay goes bankrupt in the real estate crash, gets saved by new owners, and finally hires a dazzling rock star/interior designer to glam up the interiors. Check out the kids playroom. It's freaky. [Curbed National]

Paramount Bay

2066 N. Bayshore Drive, Miami, Florida