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The Beatles Slept Here

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Daily Business Review says The Deauville's renovation is in the hopper for today's Miami Beach Historic Preservation Board meeting but, if the board follows the recommendations of its staff, architect Kobi Karp back to the drawings boards until the next meeting. The new tower, instead of being apartments, will be be more hotel rooms. The historic Napoleon Ballroom, where The Beatles played on the Ed Sullivan Show, will be mostly preserved, with a part of it, the ground floor retail space, and unused cabanas being demolished and replaced with parking. This resolves the hotel's serious shortage of onsite parking. Staff's concerns are with various design details, as well as a 12 suite addition on the roof of the north ballroom, which they say isn't designed in relation to the original postwar modern structure. [DBR; Miami Beach HPB Staff Report; previously] UPDATE: The HPB has delayed their decision until January, according to DBR

Deauville Beach Resort

6701 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida