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North Miami's Whole Foods Is Taking Shape

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North Miami, now most famously known as the temporary home of the Kardashians, is getting another unusually swank addition, a Whole Foods on the site of a former Office Depot just off the major intersection of 123rd Street and Biscayne Boulevard. Okay, the city of North Miami is probably benefiting from the luck of their geography here rather than any economic power. It's a blue collar town squashed between the noticeably more affluent enclaves of Miami Shores, El Portal, and across the bridge Bal Harbour, Bay Harbor Islands, and even Surfside, all of which will use the new grocery store. But this geography, coupled with a new Tri-Rail station along the FEC tracks - not to mention their eagerness to embrace reality show celebrities - could mean a lot for the future of North Miami. Maybe Mayor Andre Pierre had that in mind when he gave the Kardashians the key to the city yesterday. Probably not, but maybe.
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Whole Foods Market North Miami

12100 Biscayne Boulevard, North Miami, Florida