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"The geography is the key and I remain dumbfounded as to why the city of North Miami remains locked in the "blue collar" past. I live here, between West Dixie and Biscayne, north of 135th street. I can zip over the 163rd street causeway and be standing on the beach at Haulover in 15 minutes. I can bike to Lorenzos just up the street. I can bike to 3(!) Publix grocery stores within 10minutes. Costco, Target the same. Walgreens all over the place. Movie house in Eastern Shores, 10 minutes. Aventura Mall, 10 minutes. Home Depot etc etc...and I have a huge yard with fantastic mango and avocado trees - yet, yet, yet...people think I live in Opa Locka when I tell them where I live. Of course, when I lived in "historic Bayside" years ago, people thought I lived in the capital of crack ho's and drive by's.. Go figure. It's time for people to dig a little bit deeper than the surface to see what a terrific place North Miami already is and what the future for this area holds. If you like spending time lots of frustrating time in your car to get anywhere, then North Miami is not for you." -anon [North Miami's Whole Foods Is Taking Shape]

Whole Foods Market North Miami

12100 Biscayne Boulevard, North Miami, Florida