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Tesla Opens Its First Miami Showroom On Lincoln Road

After a couple false starts over the last few weeks, Tesla, the car company that shows you can combine electric power with vroom vroom if you're willing to buy a really nice car, has finally opened their new Miami showroom at 515 Lincoln Road. Besides being green, and gorgeous, and expensive, the new Tesla location plays up a great tidbit of Miami Beach history by being the first auto showroom on the street - a street that once had a few - in decades. Farther west, the Apple store was the Chrysler showroom, and the in the other direction Guess was the former Cadillac showroom. These all came because of Carl Fisher, developer of Miami Beach and big time car guy (he started the Indy 500), who recruited his auto industry friends to move in. Traffic may be a nightmare now, and forget about parking, but Miami Beach was once a car town, built by a car guy.
· Tesla Lincoln Road [Tesla]

Tesla Lincoln Road

515 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, Florida