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The Penthouse At Ocean House, South of Fifth, For $18.5M

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The penthouse at Ocean House, one of those small South of Fifth developments with every conceivable luxury amenity and exorbitantly large price tags, has hit the market for $18.5 Million. (The building will soon be followed by similarly lavish One Ocean and 321 Ocean) The unit, at 4,176 square feet, comes with four bedrooms and 5.5 baths, an oceanview rooftop pool, a 100 inch TV, a $500,000 audio/video and home automation system, hidden LED TVs in all the bathrooms, an outdoor gas fire pit, and a rooftop garden with full size palm trees. Oh, and it's already been interior designed to the 9s.
· 121 Ocean Drive, Penthouse [Curbed Marketplace]

Ocean House

121 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, Florida