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Real Housewife Lisa Hochstein Plans Giant Star Island Palace

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Lisa Hochstein, that upstart Real Housewife of Miami who's listed her gaudy Sunset Islands mansion for $10.7 million, is planning on building a real elephant of a house on nearby Star Island, and is demolishing an historic estate in the process. (Here's a look at the 1925 med revival house) The design, by architect Kobi Karp, looks straight out of the Gilded Age, with less attention to detail, and will be festooned with double-height columns, parapets, balustrades, heavy iron gates, and garland moldings above the windows. It has a five car garage with guest apartment, a separate two-story guest house, a large pool, a motor court, a home theater, a gym, a game room, a massage room, an office, a kitchen island the size of a medium-sized boat, a chandelier in the foyer bigger than some cars, twin grand staircases, and six bedrooms in the main house. The guest house adds another bedroom to the mix, and the garage apartment - which looks very much like servants quarters, squeezes in another two.

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42 Star Island Drive

42 Star Island Drive, Miami Beach, Florida