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Comment of the day

"The problem with Downtown Fort Lauderdale is that it's not on the beach. Plans for new residential towers in Downtown will fizzle because there is not money to build. It seems that most high rises need foreign investors to foot the bill. (That's a sad commentary on our nation.) Any of those foreign investors looking for a second home will want to be on the beach.

The same holds true for new hotel development. There aren't enough businesses in Downtown to support a new hotel. So, any new hotels will end up on the beach. After all, why would a tourist come to Florida and choose to stay in Downtown Fort Lauderdale?

In theory, adding daily train service via Downtown Fort Lauderdale could be enough of a spark to change the area. I wouldn't want to risk my money on that happening, however." -anon. [Can 'All Aboard Florida' Resurrect A Grand Plan For Downtown Fort Lauderdale?]