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A Plan For The FEC Tracks: Everything Except The Kitchen Sink

The Florida East Coast Railway's tracks (along with the land around them) are probably one of South Florida's most underutilized assets. The rail line goes through pretty much everywhere - urban cores, highly-trafficked roads, residential, commercial, industrial, airports, seaports, everything. All Aboard Florida and an expansion to Tri-Rail are both coming to the FEC line, but what if urban planners went all out, adding things like a trolley line, bike trail, promenade, frequent stations, farmers markets, lush landscaping, parks, transit-oriented developments around each station, etc. ect. etc.? You'd get something like what the creator of this Facebook Page FEC Rail Development Opportunities For The People, a guy named Jack, is proposing = a crazy intense, and admittedly fascinating, linear spine of transit and urbanity. Some of his many drawings are above, with many more here.

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