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What's Up With This CenTrust Gravestone Parked Downtown?

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Curbed reader and frequent Flickr Pool contributor Phillip Pessar sent in a picture of this rather odd granite block in the middle of the Cultural Center pedestrian walkway downtown. The block has been carved with the name of defunct Floridian bank CenTrust and certainly hasn't been there the whole time since the bank folded, years ago. So, it's new. Although it might have something to do with the Miami Tower nearby, which was originally built by the bank, it really looks kind of like a gravestone. Public art perhaps? A Miami Art Museum orchestrated hijinx?

If you have any insight into this gravestone-like-thing, let us know, will you?

UPDATE: It's a relic of the CenTrust Savings & Loan bank owned by artist George Sánchez-Calderón.

Miami Tower

100 Southeast 2nd Street, , FL 33131