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H&M's Miami Grand Opening Was A Gala Of Cheap Chic

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We like parties! Invite us to yours.

[Pictures by Sean McCaughan]

The Event: The grand opening of H&M's new Lincoln Road flagship store - their first store in MIami - last night.
In The House: Lots of trendy young things, as well as those that like to be among trendy young things, like certain party-loving Miami Beach commissioners we know (who are nevertheless excellent public servants. Hey getting your drank on isn't a bad thing).
Dress Code: Outfits about 10 times more expensive than anything you'd buy in the store.
Alcohol: Cheap chic, and lots of it, just like the clothes. Plenty of champagne with orange labels, meant to look like Veuve but not actually Veuve. Every check-out counter was populated with bow-tied bartenders.
The Menu: Waiters only started bringing it out once people were satisfactorily liquored up, and even then it was teeny tiny. Little burgers, little lobster rolls, little feta rolls, that sort of thing.
The Entertainment: FLO RIDA, live, and because it was a gentle crowd, close up and personal. First he did some rapping. Then he got down in the crowd and rapped some more. Then he got on some big guy's shoulders and rapped even more. Then he got back up on stage, broke out a bottle of Dom, and rapped with his shirt off.

The Skinny: First thing's first: MIAMI FINALLY HAS AN H&M! HELL YES! Now that that's out of the way, let's pick this thing apart. This was the hot ticket of the evening, and the throngs showed up. Inside, the historic Lincoln Theatre was turned into a giant new store, and here and there you could tell it obviously wasn't finished. Construction tape was still up here and there, and guards forbid people to get near the unsecured upstairs railings. But the invitations had already been sent out, and it was party time. The building looked smashing from the outside, really bringing that section of Lincoln Road and Lincoln Lane North, the alley, to life. Clothes were everywhere. There were gold stairs, gold elevator doors, gold elevator interiors, gold railings, gold lights, etc.

The old movie theatre's interior felt very much like a theater. The store has one hell of a good lighting system for a store, with a giant LED screen, and recessed LEDs everywhere that turn a million different colors. If so many gosh darn clothes weren't in the way, the place would make a great nightclub. The old mezzanine is very mezzanine-ish, the proscenium arch very much a proscenium arch, and the former lobby definitely feels like a lobby should, before entering the big show. The men's department, very dark and masculine, is the highest part of the store. It kind of feels like the back-stage area of the theatre. Perhaps its supposed to be the projection booth?
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Lincoln Theatre

541 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach, FL 33139