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"According to those present, Fort-Brescia is actually gesticulating at Sandra Suarez. But I digress. There are significant and historic properties in Miami where the land is more valuable than the building and which need protection: Metropolitan Building, Shoreland Arcade, Macy's (Burdines),Seybold Building (and associated buildings), ILA Local 1416, Joe Moretti Apartments, Miami Seaquarium, Temple Court Apartments (in a district, but you never know), Robert King High Towers, Tower Thetare, 1200 West Flagler, Coconut Grove Bank, Boulevard Shops (only a Genting promise), Mead Building, Franklin Square, Bakehouse Art Complex, Buick Building, 3600-3800 NE 2nd Avenue, 55th Street Station, Andiamo Pizza, Boulevard Theater, 8000 Biscayne, MacArthur Dairy,IBE Local 349, 1313 NW 36th Street, Miami Times, Carver Theater, 5800 NW 7th Avenue, Liberty Square (brought back to its original design and landscaping)"-anon. [The Miami Herald Building Was Not Designated HIstoric]

Miami Herald Building

1 Herald Plaza, Miami, Florida