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These New Faena Saxony Leaks Are A Real Head Scratcher

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Four more Faena Saxony images have surfaced on the ever useful exMiami forum which seem to create more questions than they answer. Here we see two Instagram-like views of a model of the Faena House building, designed by starchitect Lord Norman Foster. Then, a tiny little who-knows-what which looks perhaps to be one of the cluster or lower buildings designed by that other superstarchitect Rem Koolhaas, and finally a price list for the Faena House, which reveals the units to be luxurious, expensive, and quite large. Even the smallest one bedrooms are a generous 1307 square feet not even counting the balconies.
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Saxony Hotel

3201 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Faena House

3301 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida