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Curbed Cup First Round: Midtown Vs. Coconut Grove

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The Curbed Cup, our first annual award to Greater Miami's neighborhood of the year, is kicking off with 8 'hoods vying for the prestigious fake trophy. We'll have one matchup per day this week, review the bracket on Friday, and continue to the next round next week. Let the eliminations commence!

Midtown Miami is the kind of thing that happens when developers run out of unspoiled wilderness to build suburbs on and decide to 'go urban.' It's an insta-city, but it turned out fairly well, and is definitely loved by those who occupy it. Restaurants, retail, and nightlife proliferate, more condo towers are popping up, and there are even speculations that the district is expanding with fresh development to the east. A controversial Walmart may be coming to Midtown's South West quadrant, but could be offset by some very high-end shopping in the Design District immediately to the north. Wynwood, the center of Miami's art world, is immediately to the west, and the bayfront enclave of Edgewood is right to the east. Everything Curbed Miami has ever written about Midtown is here.

Miami's roots are in Coconut Grove, Miami's oldest community. The vegetation is thick here, with Grove-ites prizing their lush Florida hammock-like setting. Downtown Coconut Grove is dense and walkable, and steeped in culture, but lots of new things are happening here too. Two twisting condo towers called Grove At Grand Bay by starchitect Bjarke Ingels are coming, the Vizcaya Museum And Gardens are looking better than ever, and the spectacular Mayfair Hotel & Spa is still spectacular. Scotty's Landing, a waterfront favorite, may or may not be replaced by some sort of still unknown fancy-shmancy marina scheme, and when Burn Notice wraps up filming at the Coconut Grove Convention Center, the old waterfront building will be demolished for a park. For Curbed Miami's full Coconut Grove coverage, click here.

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