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Curbed Cup First Round: Lincoln Road Vs. D'town Ft. Laud

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The Curbed Cup, our first annual award to Greater Miami's neighborhood of the year, is kicking off with 8 'hoods vying for the prestigious fake trophy. We'll have one matchup per day this week, review the bracket on Friday, and continue to the next round next week. Let the eliminations commence!

Some locals may write off Lincoln Road and its environs as passé, but the neighborhood still has a lot going for it, and economically is absolutely killing it more than ever. With the new H&M, Forever 21, Lacoste, Tesla showroom, and all sorts of other stores coming, Lincoln Road is a retail beast. Gap is building a biiig new two-level store. Alchemist, Miami's cool local clothier has a hot new store designed by Rene Gonzalez, with a Zaha Hadid-designed juice bar. Even Lincoln Road's back alley, Lincoln Lane North, is hot, hot, hot. The City of Miami Beach has plans to turn Lincoln Lane North into a high-design shopping area. Can anyone else picture a starchitect designed shopping bazaar? We can. Oh, and it's all surrounded by spectacular art deco housing stock. For complete Lincoln Road coverage, we've got it all here.

Downtown Fort Lauderdale is centered on the New River, with a Riverwalk connecting a fascinating variety of smaller communities. Starchitecture is coming soon, in the form of a Bjarke Ingels-designed apartment complex on the south bank. The whole neighborhood is very walkable, from Flagler Village to the north, to the Broward Center for the Performing Arts to the west, and Old Las Olas to the east. And it's all about to get even better for pedestrians, with a new Florida East Coast Railway train station connecting to the new All Aboard Florida passenger line and Tri-Rail. Finally, sooner or later the whole area will be connected by the new Wave Streetcar, making the temptations of a carpocalypse even more irresistible. Curbed Miami's Downtown Fort Lauderdale archives are all here.

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