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Lincoln Road's New Three-Level Forever 21 Is One Hot Mess

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[Photos by Sean McCaughan]

Forever 21's new three level Lincoln Road store, a store that had such architectural potential, historic bones, and great access to Lincoln Lane North, has just opened, and boy is it miserable. Although the original design, by architect Allan Shulman, was rather excellent (full disclosure: I used to work for Allan, but it honestly was a great design), what in the world happened? We hear Shulman was separated from the project quite some time ago and Forever 21's own architects - ostensibly the ones that slap fake wood paneling all over their stores and make every Forever 21 look like a strange PoMo version of Marie Antoinette's bathroom - took over. Things went downhill from there. And this is the result. Oy.
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Forever 21 Lincoln Road

701 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL