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The Curbed Cup Final Four: Midtown Vs. Sunset Harbour

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We're nearing the home stretch in the competition for The Curbed Cup, in our search for Miami's greatest neighborhood. Four neighborhoods are left, but by Friday only two will remain, and we'll announce the greatest neighborhood - with great fanfare - January 2nd. Let the voting continue!

Both Midtown Miami and Sunset Harbour are fairly awesome. Although Midtown's closer to some of Miami's sketchiest neighborhoods - a telltale sign of edgy urbanity - Sunset Harbour is the hot new thing. Midtown's bigger. Sunset Harbour is on the water. Midtown has more shopping. Sunset Harbour is near Lincoln Road. Midtown will soon be adjacent to the very upscale retail coming into the Design District, and a very downmarket Walmart store is coming in too. Sunset Harbour is quainter. Midtown has more housing. Sunset Harbour has a waterfront park. Midtown has an ambiguous green space constantly under threat of demolition. Midtown is situated between Miami's two biggest arts districts. Sunset Harbour, well, Sunset Harbour isn't too far from Romero Britto's gallery, whatever that's worth.

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