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Marky Mark & The Rock Pump Up Some MiMo Love

Pain & Gain Trailer from Michael Bay Dot Com on Vimeo.

Yep, that's Marky Mark hiding money in a tanning bed in the super-runddown Biscayne Plaza and Admiral Vee Motel, two Miami Modern landmarks on Biscayne Boulevard and 79th Street that have seen way better days and are still seriously under threat of demolition. Both are, suspiciously, just outside the MiMo Historic District. Pain & Gain, coming to theaters in April, is the true story of... well, a gang of steroid-crazed, iron pumping, gym-obsessed guys who did the whole action movie star/kidnapping/'roided up thing in Miami in the 90s. They were called the Sun Gym Gang, and the Miami New Times published a three part series on them in 1999, which this Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson vehicle is based on. No, their gym wasn't really the awesome elevated lobby of the Admiral Vee. But that would have been awesome.
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Biscayne Plaza Shopping Center

8000 NE 5th Ave, Miami, FL