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The Curbed Cup Final Four: Lincoln Road Vs. Upper East Side

We're nearing the home stretch in the competition for The Curbed Cup, in our search for Miami's greatest neighborhood. Four neighborhoods are left, but by Friday only two will remain, and we'll announce the greatest neighborhood - with great fanfare - January 2nd. Let the voting continue!

To walk Lincoln Road is to experience perhaps Miami's greatest public space, the city's living room if you will, but if you want really eclectic residential streets, to the Upper East Side is where you head. Lincoln Road is an intense hive of activity, of tourists and locals, of newer and bigger stores, of art deco and bleeding edge contemporary architecture. The Upper East Side has miles of leafy streets, classic MiMo motels gradually being redone as design-concious boutiques, stately mediterranean revival houses on generous lots, and a slowly emerging street scene on Biscayne Boulevard. The Upper East Side has the Coppertone Girl Sign, but Lincoln Road has the 1111 garage. The Upper East Side has warehouses and old office buildings converted to urban lofts, while Lincoln Road has million dollar condos in every direction.

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