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Ft. Laud's Getting A Boxy Tower Hotel With Weird Color Cutouts

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A new boutique hotel, the Vintro Fort Lauderdale, is set to open on Fort Lauderdale Beach sometime in 2014. Located at 3029 Alhambra Street on a tight little piece of real estate, the hotel is a totally vertical glass-and-white-stucco box, with car elevators to access the garage, colored cutouts on the otherwise white facade, and a cafe on the ground floor. Although not a large hotel by any stretch, the narrow verticality is oddly reminiscent of the world's biggest house. Just look at the angled support columns on the lower floors, and the folded planes. Talk about a difference in scales for the same look.
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Vintro Fort Lauderdale

3029 Alhambra Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida