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Live Like A Du Pont In The 1960s, In This $22M Grove Estate

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This is Baymere, a massive midcentury modern estate set on 5 waterfront acres of land in Coconut Grove, built by the Du Pont family in 1964. At 26,981 square feet, the house has a whopping 33 rooms and is listed for $22 million. It has a huge pool with underground viewing porthole, a tennis court, a yacht-sized boathouse, a private harbor, a long dock, lawns galore, and a guest house. The 60s modern stylings may get mixed reviews, but the spread is nothing if not drop dead fabulous, and anyways it does have a few nice architectural touches. Look at the wooden ceiling beams in the boat house, and the cascading terraces around the pool. But if none of this floats your boat (which could have its own boathouse) subdivide it into a "Luxury Enclave of 7 homesites" as the listing encourages you to do.
· 3500 Saint Gaudens Court, Coconut Grove [Zillow]


3500 Saint Gaudens Court, Coconut Grove, Florida