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2012 Was A Good Year For Miami, But 2013 Will Be Better

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When this video came out almost exactly a year ago at the end of 2011 it caused a minor sensation. Miami was building all of this, as the Great Recession labored into a slow, agonizing recovery? Would that stretch of Biscayne Boulevard, and the northern tip of Brickell, really be Miami's $10 billion mile in a decade? Would be great, but we'll see it when we see it. A year later, although some things in the video have changed - projects were downsized or delayed, many others were added - we're beginning to see its realization. Perhaps its telling that none of the projects the video listed have been canceled. 2012 was the year Miami really entered its next growth phase in a big way, and 2013 will be the year Miami owns it.

Happy New Year!
· Miami 2020 [YouTube]