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Brickell Flation Park Is Open, And Pigs Can Fly After All

[Photos by Craig Chester of]

BRICKELL - Brickell Flatiron Park is open. Yes, sit down, take a breath, don't faint. It's been one hell of a saga, but Brickell Flatiron Park is now actually an open-to-the-public park. With no fanfair, no prostrating, and no news releases (Curbed Miami found out about this by coincidentally driving by it) the Raymond Jungles designed park in Brickell's urban jungle is here. Craig Chester of Transit Miami took some pictures over the weekend and forwarded them to Curbed.

In a follow up email to the Jungles office, we found out that the park is not yet officially open and there are still a few details of the design that have not yet been completed. This means that Mallory Kauderer, the park's developer, didn't just decide to tidy up the place as-is and take the fences down, but he probably intends to fully execute Jungles' design. And that's really good news.
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