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Villa May Bites The Dust, But Will 42 Star Island Be Next?

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Villa May, that icon of midcentury modern Miami architecture by Miami architect Jorge Arango, is donzo. This photo of the houses' demolition was snapped yesterday by a preservation-minded good samaritan. So is the mediterranean revival house next door, once owned by that notorious anti-gay advocate Anita Bryant. Both are now - well, they were - the property of richboy Wayne Boich Jr. who's building a big new house for his new bride. And now that those pesky historic houses are gone, gone, gone, Boichy boy can build, build, build. But now that Boich has gotten his way, will Real Housewife Hochstein be next with her 42 Star Island?
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42 Star Island Drive

42 Star Island Drive, Miami Beach, Florida

Villa May

4700 North Bay Road, Miami Beach, FL