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"I find the proposed house in poor taste. I also find this internet lynch mob of snarky pseudo-intellectuals in equally poor taste. Is this really what our world is coming to? Living in fear of a cyber lynch mob made up of a bunch of coward pencil neck geeks living in the darkness behind their computer screens crawling up from the stench of their pathetic and lonely lives, to attack and attempt to destroy someone's family home, this is what we have come to. What used to be a nice little website promoting and reporting the architectural news of this town, has turned into a secret back room of supposed "taste makers" forcing their values upon anyone unfortunate enough to stand in their way, through the use of anonymous internet harassment and a secret network of building plans officials, newspaper reporters, and others allied "independent bloggers". Quite frankly you people are a disgrace, this is unadulterated fascism. Curbed Miami = Elsworth Toohey" -anon. [Real Housewife Lisa Hochstein Plans Giant Star Island Palace]

42 Star Island Drive

42 Star Island Drive, Miami Beach, Florida