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Time To Fight! Decision Deferred On Housewife's Monstrosity

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[Photos via exMiami]

This stately Miami Beach mansion is about to be smithereens. The imbroglio of Real Housewife of Miami Lisa Hochstein's Star Island mansion has become a full-on media frenzy as the Miami Herald's Andres Viglucci and others pick up the story and TV station CBS airs a segment on it tonight at 6. Hochstein plans to demolish an historically unprotected 1925 mediterranean revival estate by the noted and acclaimed South Florida architect Walter DeGarmo to build a new house by architect Kobi Karp. Preservationists are aghast, but largely powerless due to a week area in Miami Beach's otherwise strong historic preservation laws. Private homes can not be designated historic without their owner's consent, and obviously Hochsteinistan is not getting the honor of its owner's consent. Because of its powerlessness, the city can only do what amounts to no more than a stay of execution: The Miami Beach Design Review Board has 'continued' (meaning they put off) their decision on the new structure until early next year. Maybe that'll be enough time (although we doubt it) to change some laws. Mayor Bower, Michael Gongora, Charlie Urstadt, William Cary, we're looking at you to take charge. To arms!
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42 Star Island Drive

42 Star Island Drive, Miami Beach, Florida