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UNTITLED Launches The Basel, With Terry Riley's Twisty Tent

The Event: The UNTITLED Art Fair Vernissage and afterparty.
The Venue: A tent with a twist right on the ocean designed by local architectural star, and former Phillip Johnson Curator of Architecture and Design at MoMA Terry Riley. Then a walk over to the afterparty at the front lawn of the James Royal Palm Hotel, really a driveway with a large patch of green.
In The House: Lots of artsy types obviously, but surprisingly even more real estate types and architecture. The guys from Palau were there, Terry Riley of course, and we shmoozed with Raymond Jungles, and finally got to meet Bob Wennett. Jorge Perez, in a gorgeous velvet jacket and consternated facial expression was spotted walking around, and the shy but sweet Piero Lissoni milled about.
The Dress Code: Artsy fabulous, with a smattering of artsy slouchy and creative business wear.
The Menu: At the fair, nothing. At the afterparty, rather standard fair horse d'oeuvres carried around by waiters.
The Entertainment: You're there for the art, remember?

Remember when the Art Basel Miami Beach festivities started on Wednesday? Yeah, last night was the big first night, so pace yourself before you're totally pooped. We're running on 3 hours of sleep over here. Ugh! The big event to start the Basel Bacchanalia was the UNTITLED Vernissage last night in a tent right out on the ocean, like on the sand on the ocean, that did a weird twist thing 'just because'. Let's hope high tide doesn't carry it away.

Here's a rendering, just for kicks:

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