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The Absolut Guiro Is Stunning Temporary Architecture

[Photos by Sean McCaughan]

We like parties! Invite us to yours.

The Event: The Absolut Vodka Guiro debut in Collins Park on Art Basel's Wednesday night, when everything starts to shift in high gear.
The Venue: It's an egg shaped wood enclosure designed by art duo Los Carpinteros designed after a traditional cuban percussion instrument made from the shell of a dried tropical fruit.
In The House: Artsy people, who else?
The Dress Code: That suit you traipsed around all day in, at the Collector's preview at the convention center, and the Bass Museum's opening, also tonight.
The Menu: Those awesome corn kernels you get at Peruvian ceviche places made suitable bear nuts. All the alcohol was Absolut.
The Entertainment: A full orchestra was set up outside the egg thing, but the whole time there we didn't hear them actually play.

[The public art in Collins Park. Photos by Sean McCaughan]

It's a stunning temporary wood structure, so where is this thing going after Basel? The graceful curves arch around two interior bars, with a bold oculus at the apex and just enough of a curve to provide interior seating totally integrated into the architecture.We say slap a few coats of varnish on it, and leave it out there permanently. The Guiro is spectacular. Oh, and leave a few pieces of that public art now strewn about in Collins Park for 'Art Public'. An art park with boozy modernist pavilion is just what that part of town needs.
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Collins Park

22nd Street & Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139