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Porsche Tower Developer Sticks His Cars In Weird Places

Gil Dezer, who's building that giant muffler-shaped tower with the car elevators called Porsche Design Tower (that, despite the mockery, we really can't wait to be invited to the opening party of) named after his favorite brand of car, has now stuck one on his wall too. Dezer has a vintage Porsche on the wall of his living room. And we quote from the video "You know when you move into a new place, nothing's ever finished... There are these little tweaks, odds and ends. And when we finally felt like we'd finished the apartment, that's when we decided to make more of a mess and put this car up on the wall." But what if he needs to zip over to the Piggly Wiggly for a gallon of milk? He's got five more of them in the garage.
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Porsche Design Tower

18555 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida 33160