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Jay-Z At Barclays; A Sprawling UES Townhouse Pricechops

1) Prospect Heights: Jay-Z made a 25-minute documentary about building the Barclays Center. Fast forward to the 18:30 mark when he rides the subway and chats with a white-haired lady who asks him if he's famous.

2) Upper East Side: After eight months and no taker, a sprawling townhouse at 45 East 74th Street has met the pricechopper. The home?and its two pools, Doric columns, and bronze and leather banisters?is now $3 million cheaper, asking an even $30 million.

3) West Village: Famed photographer Annie Leibovitz listed her three-townhouse compound on West 11th Street for $33 million. There's a private courtyard, giant studio, and a whopping 10,200-square-feet of space.

4) Bushwick: Hipsters invaded an 1890 Queen Anne mansion, covered the walls and historic details (crown moldings! carved fireplaces!) with graffiti, and now host enormous dance parties. Oh, they also call the place the "Trip House."