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On 100th Anniversary, Tobacco Road Given a 3 Year Reprieve

Miami's oldest bar, Tobacco Road, is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and for a moment we thought we'd lost it as, when it was sold with adjoining properties to an unnamed developer. Well, the famous bar's lease has just been renewed for three more years. The new owners claim they haven't decided whether or not to redevelop, but considering that the land is mostly empty space, and practically in the shadow of the Brickell CitiCentre megaproject site, breaking ground next month, the temptation seems too great not build something massive and new.

After the three years, all cards are on the table. It may be just enough time for preservationists to champion the building's merits, as one of the oldest relics of old Miami.

Update: That unnamed developer has a name. He's Columbian auto executive Carlos Mattos.

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Tobacco Road Bar

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