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SLS Hotel Opening June 14th, Not May

Having planned for a May opening, although never announcing an exact date, the SLS South Beach is now officially opening on June 14th. Maybe there was a minor construction delay. Somebody could have dropped one of interior designer Philippe Starck's chandeliers, or maybe all the mattresses were the wrong size and had to be reordered. The hotel has been teasing people for years, first as an empty art deco tower on the beach (very "Tower of Terror" esque) next to the ever so glitzy Delano Hotel (Also a Starck), then as an empty art deco tower covered in signage announcing a new hotel (it was planned for years, and sat idle through the real estate crash), and finally as a historic restoration of an art deco tower into a brand-spanking new hotel under construction. · SLS Announces June Opening [New Times]

SLS Hotel South Beach

1701 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139