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Owens Owes; Even Mufasa Is a Scaredy-Cat Around Water

SUNNY ISLES - NFL player Terrance Owens' 2,100 square foot $1.75 million Sunny Isles Trump place is facing foreclosure. His financial problems include a lawsuit from American Express, and child support payments to four baby mamas. [Gossip Extra]
THE INTERNET - Weston Williamson's 2009 competition entry for the Museum Park peoplemover station made it on Designboom. The exterior of the super-sexy station looks like a jellyfish ate the peoplemover, and the interior like a greenhouse in a cloud. [Designboom]
EDGEWATER - The Arsht Center's ceiling sprung a leak last night during a sold-out performance of The Lion King, flooding the opera house enough to evacuate the building. [Miami New Times]

T. Owens' Trump digs. Photo from Gossip Extra.