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Golden Sands Hotel Foreclosure A Little Too Hot To Handle

The other day SFBJ posted a story about the midcentury Golden Sands motel in foreclosure, connecting it with the Canyon Ranch resort next door, because at one point the Golden Sands had been considered possible turf for expansion. Today, it's gone, replaced with an updated story, and an anonymous tipster may know why:

"You need to note that your link on the Golden Sands story has been disabled. Reason? The Biz reporter opened a can of worms with his (somewhat) factually incorrect story about the "link" between the property, its current owner, its possible future owner and the acclaimed next door neighbor, Canyon Ranch Hotel, Spa and Residences. Cease and desist letters flew. Stay tuned. I will tell you this much, in some of the reporting and in stories that came from the initial report, the direct name linking of the property Golden Sands with Canyon Ranch caused the first flames. The two entities were NEVER officially linked and current Hotel Lot owner of CR, Lehman Bros Holdings, has wanted to distance themselves from former developer WSG who lost the CR property in 2009 (but still controls) the adjacent Golden Sands property (for the moment).

· Golden Sands Canyon Ranch Project Faces Foreclosure [SFBJ]

Golden Sands Hotel

6901 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida