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Chihuahua's House Sold for $8.4 Million; A Mosque For Mom?

MIAMI BEACH - The home of Gail Posner, an heiress who died in 2010 and left the house and millions of dollars to her chihuahua Conchita, has been sold for $8.4 million. While the dog, and two others, received a $3 million trust fund, and the poochs' human caregivers another $27 million, her son made out with a paltry $1 million, and immediately contested the will. The whereabouts of the dog, where it will live now, or how it will pay for its weekly mani/pedis, are unknown. [Miami Condo Investments]
INDIAN CREEK - Steel tycoon Leroy Schecter is selling his Indian Creek house for $45 million, after the house next door sold for nearly $40 million, a record price in Miami-Dade County. The house has seven bedrooms, fourteen bathrooms, a library, a billiard room, a yoga room, a seven car garage, an infinity pool, and a two bedroom pool house with steam and massage rooms. [WSJ]
NORTH MIAMI - Michael Swerdlow, the original developer of the Biscayne Landing megaproject, won back the lease to the Biscayne Landing site from the city, and is planning a new 850,000 square foot mall, among other things. [SFBJ]
WEST DADE - A county commissioner is accusing a man who is building a very large house inspired by the Taj Mahal for his mother of actually building a mosque, or some other religious structure, in disguise. [Miami Herald]