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Biscayne Wall BP Station Closes, for New Condo?

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Is the gap in the walliest part of the Biscayne Wall, the hole in the stretch of big white condo towers along Biscayne Boulevard opposite Museum Park, seeing some action? The BP gas station that has filled that gap is now shuttered, with no explanation. Four tall towers sit opposite the park from 8th Street to the 195 overpass at the northern edge of the park, in a unified procession, a symbol if you will of the last building boom, marred by a gap in the middle where the BP stands at 10th street. No word yet on what this means for the future of the site, or whether it will reopen, but developers must be swarming like buzzards for the prime corner.

UPDATE: Word on the street is the place may just be getting a major remodel, and outdoor dining. [SkyscraperCity]

UPDATE #2: (December 2012) Seven months later, developers have announced plans to build a tower on the site designed by internationally renowned starchitect Zaha Hadid.

If you know what's going on, or have a wild theory, drop us a line.

Unnamed Zaha Hadid Tower

1000 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida