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Minimalist Play Pavilion, Perched On A Pool, Is $2.3 Million

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Are any big ballers occupying this party-perfect playpen for this year's Urban Beach Weekend?

You can't really tell from the pictures if this tiny, 1000 Square foot pavilion at 242 Washington Avenue in Miami Beach is one room or two, but the open plan and hedonistic feel to the place leads us to believe the architect didn't bother with interior walls at all. So, here's a one room house for north of $2 million: a little pleasure dome, a petit xanadu in the the tippy tip of lower South Beach, complete with a large pool and spa hidden from the street, ready for all of its next owner's most nefarious fantasies, and lurid indulgences. But don't worry, the creamy white marble floors are easy to mop up, and there's plenty of room for a sling.

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