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Totally Understated James Royal Palm Hotel Opening In October

The Royal Palm, which combines two classic art deco hotels with two mid 90's Arquitectonica-designed PoMo towers, has always been colorful, loud, and a bit of an architectural mash-up. Now, somehow, it's going minimal, with an understated new "high design" look, and plenty of white paint. Renderings include lots of Eames molded plywood furniture, those ever-so-not-ironic-but-maybe-a-little "Ctrl Alt Del" cushions, and super cute little potted plants in the guest room showers. After a $40 million rehab this summer, the renamed (it's under a new boutique brand) James Royal Palm opens in October.
· Denihan takes James Brand to Miami Beach [WSJ]

James Royal Palm Hotel

1545 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida