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Where's The Action on Lincoln Lane North?

5 Napkin Burger, a newer Lincoln Road eatery, is "expanding" into the rear of their space, with a new entrance and what looks like a quick service counter opening onto the alley that's prettily called Lincoln Lane North. That's the block of Lincoln Lane North that runs along the Lincoln Soundscape Park, and 5 Napkin is the first restaurant on its block to really take advantage of its park front locale.

In a strike of luck, with the building of the gorgeous SoundScape this block of t-shirt shops and hookah bars found itself with park facing property on one side to complement its primo Lincoln Road frontage on the other. Yet, none have really taken advantage of the shnazzy and very visible new situation since the park opened at least a year ago. Not a single park view puff of perfumed tobacco has been enjoyed. Moving down the block from 5 Napkin, the only action is delivery truck action until the lobby doors of that big ugly office building that's been an eyesore on the Washington Avenue end of Lincoln Road since the 60s. This is a block of lost bois de boulogne-esque potential.