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Legendary Jimbo's Shrimp Shack Torn Asunder

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Jimbo's Shrimp Shack, which closed dramatically a month ago, was demolished yesterday by the City of Miami. The Miami Herald caught the horrible affair on video. The famous shrimp hut out in the wilds of Viriginia Key, which had long served up a limited menu of smoked fish and canned beer with a casual game of bocce ball for more than 50 years, has been in countless movies, TV shows, and was even one of the sets of Flipper. More recently, the controversy surrounding the closing instigated a family feud between the children of retired patriarch Jimbo Luzner himself over whether the place should really close or not, and which of them should run it.

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Jimbo's Shrimp Shack

Arthur Lamb Jr Rd, Miami, Florida 33149