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LVMH And Friends Rollin' On In: Cartier Opens This Summer

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As the Design District's upcoming onslaught of LVMH , and other luxury brands, presses ever closer, strange and fancy things are happening in this formerly industrial (then commercial, then design-y, then haute design-y) neighborhood. A billboarded-up frontage was spotted in the Design District by the administrator of the exMiami forum, anonymous provocateur "Sandman." It's the new Cartier store, opening this summer on 40th Street, between NE 1st and 2nd Aves. Popping over to the Cartier website confirms this, but strangely gives a different location: Suite 204 of the Melin Building, at 3930 NE 2nd Ave. a few blocks away. So, either there's a temporary store open now around the corner while the permanent one is being constructed, or the temporary one is opening this summer, and there's some mysterious (and yet unidentified but Cartier related presence) on the second floor of the Melin building. Stay tuned.

What luxury brands are coming to the Design District as it reincarnates over the next few years? Where will they set up shop, and who will pick up shop and leave? Stay tuned, or send off your intel to the tipline!

· Cartier spotted in Design District [exMiami]

Melin Building

3930 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami, Florida