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H&M Pop-Up Drops In Ahead of Iconic Lincoln Theatre Store

Financially limited but sartorially svelte real estate bloggers across South Florida are going bonkers with excitement. H&M is opening a summer pop-up store at 1669 Meridian Ave tomorrow at noon (next to Macy's) to preview the fall opening of its flagship store at the gloriously art deco Lincoln Theatre a few blocks away. Renderings of the permanent store are above. The flagship is still in the midst of a meticulous restoration and adaptive use conversion by architect Allan Shulman (the, ahem, Design Architect. The project's developers went bargain shopping for the construction architect), that will open up the building on both its Lincoln Road and Lincoln Lane North frontages. The pop-up shop will be a generous 3,000 square feet, stocked with men's and women's summer stuff (the look this season is apparently an "explosion of colors"), and open until September, when they'll move into that big, gleaming, new flagship store.

· H&M Opens on Friday on Miami Beach [Miami Herald]

Renderings of the H&M flagship store courtesy Arseni Varabyeu and Design Architects Shulman + Associates. Full disclosure: This Curbed editor used to work for Allan Shulman.

1669 Meridian Avenue

1669 Meridian Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida

Lincoln Theatre

541 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach, FL 33139