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Restorations Chugging Along At Lincoln Theatre and Old Saks

The Lincoln Theatre has a deadline to meet. H&M, which is doing a temporary summer pop-up a few blocks away, opens a new flagship there this fall. But that's not the only extensive restoration of a landmark Lincoln Road building going down for a big fashion retailer, or the only one by architect Allan Shulman.

The old Saks Fifth Avenue store, which had spent decades chopped up into tiny decrepit little offices (Saks left long ago), is the future home of Forever 21.

Old Saks / Forever 21 has had its interior vastly gutted (there wasn't much original to preserve), display windows added to the front facade (you can see them behind the scrim if you go in person) and a third floor (later, non original addition) replaced with a glass box of the same dimension, creating an airy store in the sky and a ghost of what was previously there.

Now that Lincoln Theatre's auditorium is being used by H&M, the rear wall has been entirely peeled back to open out onto Lincoln Lane North with vast double height display windows.

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Forever 21 Lincoln Road

701 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL

Lincoln Theatre

541 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach, FL 33139