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Is There a Surprise Medical District On Biscayne Boulevard?

The Real Deal Miami reports that Miami Children's Hospital has leased a whole buncha square feet at one of Lyle Chariff's buildings on Biscayne Boulevard, the Baypoint Center.

So what, you say? Well, there are two trends happening here. One: Biscayne Boulevard has been seeing a lot of redevelopment action, making it more commercial, pedestrian, retail oriented, etc. etc. Basically Miami's "Main Street" is actually becoming a Main Street. Two: Next door to the Baypoint Center is a large massage school, and a block down is a medical office building (the old Police Museum, you can still see the squad car on the wall). Oh, and to the north, Ivax pharmaceuticals has a big headquarters. Then another block or so south is the Borinquen Clinic. This collection of medical buildings of various ilk forms the main entrance to the Design District (future land of high priced high heals).

With a total lack of master planning, the area is becoming a medical district without anyone noticing. As much as we love helping the kiddies, will ambulances and gurneys someday crowd out the shoppers, or at least push them to less ideal parts of Biscayne Boulevard?

· Miami Children's Hospital Signs Lease on Biscayne Corridor [Real Deal Miami]
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