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Blah Mega-Options For 5th and Alton Megaproject

Developer Crescent Heights revealed the results of its competition to design a huge mall/residential tower/park combo project at the empty and abandoned blocks it owns along 5th Street and Alton Road in South Beach. The announcement happened to a packed house in a Shelborne Hotel ballroom last week, with Mayor Mattie Bower (It has her support!) in attendance. The projects were equally mammoth, all three asking for a city zoning variance to allow for a tall residential tower above the area's height limits, and balancing that with a wide mall-like retail element topped with an elevated park. Nothing incredible was revealed (despite the big names of the three firms), but they were all a heck of a lot better than whatever blah thing could be built by legal right. The problem is, there isn't much online to see:

1) Chanel 10 did a segment on the presentation.
2) Dawntown has a review of the proceedings, with somewhat better pictures.

Sobe Park

500 Alton Road, Miami Beach, Florida