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Share Your Memories Of Life At Versace's Party Palace

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The recently listed, $125 million, Versace Mansion on Ocean Drive, tied for most expensive home in the country with a neoclassical estate in L.A., was an icon of South Beach in the early 90s at its most legendary, unabashedly gayest, and hedonistically mythical: the South Beach of "The Birdcage" and the Warsaw Ballroom, Ian Schrager, and the early art deco preservation movement. Most of that is gone, but the house is still there, and many that partied within its walls are still around to tell the tale. Some are, probably, reading this very blog.

If you remember the Versaci Mansion / Casa Casuarina, in its old days, when Gianni himself helmed the wheel, and especially if you partied there, share your memories in the comments. How were Versace's legendary parties? What did you do? How little clothing did you wear? What bedroom(s) did you wake up in, and do you remember how you got there? Yes, we're seriously asking these questions because we know you have the answers (we've heard a few things already), so do tell!

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Casa Casuarina

1116 Ocean Drive, Miami, FL 33139